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The following is a Special form for those who want mengrimkan lamented over their fate or questions on this website. In the form below the message you want to convey will be sent directly to my email. and if there's time or opportunity, later I will respond immediately. Question please clearly written subject matter at issue, so that I can understand what you want to convey. And when you ask better include a screen shoot so that more clearly and details of the problem you are facing. In addition to the questions, you can also send feedback that builds up to this blog via the form below as well. Because a criticism we need to progress and also the development of this website. It would be better if you provide solutions to the deficiencies that exist on this blog, so we will improve immediately. And if you want to ask something, some kind of information, or any other tutorials or you can also send your request via the form below, at any time if there is spare time I will process the order for you. Please all be written through the contact form below:

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We thank of magnitude because you've been participating to provide responses for the sake of the progress of this website, may be progress for this website and is increasingly becoming a trust for people who are hungry for modern information technology especially the SSH. Thank you so much we pass on.