Secure Shell Server (SSH) is a protocol in a network that uses a cryptographic system to communicate data in a safe, confidential, and use the command remotely, for the service of two computer networks. In addition, SSH can also be used to perform remote control systems such as remote login using putty or bitvise software for free. SSH is now more benefits, such as changing the IP Address of a computer when it is connected in a network the internet so detected as user anonymous and very safe when you surf in virtual world.
SSH technology is increasingly booming now using SHA encryption method and the RSA encryption technique i.e. by scrambling data first before being accepted by the client. While the client opens the data with a public key so the relationship between the sender and the recipient of the data while wearing SSH became very confidential and guaranteed security. SSH uses a type of network client – server. so in SSH there that acts as a client and there is also a computer that acts as a server. Server Control Center and also became the center of the entire configuration of services and resources that will be requested by the client. While the client is only utilizing the resources that have been provided by the server. SSH can also be used for the internet for free. in a way it takes free domain forwarding is directed straight to the SSH Server IP. Lots of people are using SSH as a basis for the longer and became increasingly popular from the development of technology that uses SSH.
In this Website will contain a collection of information about your account from the SSH Server SG. Do/Singapore Digital Ocean. That is already assured in terms of speed or even security. In addition, the distributed nature of SSH account Free use by anyone. It's just that when wearing mandatory SSH to comply with regulations so that the SSH Server remains stable and is not an error or damage be bad for all concerned. SSH account which is distributed free of charge here is active from 7 days up to 1 month. It all depends on the server which is used to create an SSH account. So please use this SSH accounts properly and reasonably so that server the longer the more well-developed.