The Explanation About SSH and Telnet

Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Explanation About SSH & Telnet

Some who equate between SSH and Telnet, although both are same same used to remotely log into other computers, but SSH and telnet has a difference. If we want to use the SSH protocol and telnet at the very least it needs a Unix operating system and also the service to perform commands such as Command Promt (CMD) not only that, if additional tools needed SSH on a shell to access them via a webserver. From all of that between the telnet and SSH access through client computer to connect to a server or connect to another computer.
As we know, SSH and telnet client Command prompt interface requires just as much as the MS-Dos operating system. This interface is used to enter a command the command that will be used to access or control other hosts with our computer. Between SSH and Telnet uses the same type of client-server communication. Client server is a type of communication in a network there is a server as the central control of all client and also serve the needs of the client and the client as well as some that use resources that have been provided by the server. With this communication system, commands the commands requested by the client will be processed by a computer server and the response was going to be returned to the client, its not only a client but the whole client will also be able to share resources.
The Explanation About SSH and Telnet
The Explanation About SSH and Telnet
Telnet is an abbreviation of telecommunication Network. Is a protocol in the internet-based network or local area (Local Area Network) to provide text-based means of communication by means of a two-way interaction with the connection terminals. Telnet was first developed in 1969 and was the first internet standard at the time. To access a machine using the telnet Protocol, generally use port 23 in order to login to remote host destination. Use the connection through telnet, tend to be at risk because of lack of security facilities are still very simple. Telnet has a great weakness that is send receive data using a form of the original text. It is very easy once the transmitted data packets can be known by a plurality of persons who are not responsible.
While SSH is short for Secure Shell Server is an internet or network protocols on a local network (Local Area Network/LAN) which runs on port 22 and have a high level of security using the facilities of the eknripsi against the transmitted data packets. SSH uses cryptographic encryption SHA so that similar data Pack submitted will be scrambled first and then sent via a network tunnel/Tunnel safely and then the data in decrypted using the public key by the client. Therefore the SSH keamannya levels much better than telnet. That is why often used in SSH connection when connected via the internet to the mere securing of data or for remote login to other hosts to control a computer remotely.

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