The Differences ssh and telnet

Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Differences ssh and telnet

From the explanation that I had yesterday about the description of the telnet and SSH. Of course we are little by little have had an idea of what it is that also what telnet and SSH. I've already explained that SSH is more than just a remote login but can also secure data at transmisikan. In addition, SSH can also be accessed via the android and windows (PC) as long as it has application SSH client such as Putty on windows or connect the bots on the android platform. Unlike the telenet only requires a command prompt (CMD) or terminal emulator.
The Differences ssh and telnet
The Differences ssh and telnet
The following are some of the differences between the telnet and SSH.
1. Telnet is a protocol for two-way communication between the host with one other text-based original. Whereas SSH (Secure Shell Service) is a communications protocol for remote login simultaneously from one host to another host with a high security system. I.e. data sent scrambled and secured first and then with a particular keyword only client that can open it. So that data is more secure.
2. To access a telnet client running by accessing the port 23 as for login SSH client runs on port 22. To login to telnet meremote usually use command in CMD: telnet ip/host 23 example: telnet 23. and both computers are ready to send receive messages as well as all his calls were typed manually. While in SSH can be accessed with Putty or bitvise. With the software, the ssh client can connect with ssh servers automatically receive and send data even run commands to decide connection also automatically so that the process becomes easier.
3. Basically telnet and SSH running on a multi user OS such as Unix and VMS, Telnet retrieved windos use CMD/Command line interfaces whereas SSH requires a special application to connect to the SSH Server with Bitvise SSH Client software or Putty. Please read how to use SSH on Windows and how to use SSH on android on my previous post.
Such is more or less a description of SSH and tenet. For it remote login can use SSH or telnet. However, for a better level of security, use SSH. For how to use SSH for the uninitiated please see my previous post. And SSH account for SG. DO for free, you can see the most recently on this website.

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