How to test a SSH Connection

Friday, July 07, 2017

How to testing a SSH Connection in Debian Linux
How to test a SSH Connection
How to test a SSH Connection

Hello, good evening and happy to meet again with my website in ssh. Yesterday I have shared regarding how to configure ssh server on linux debian. Is there a hard thing in it? If there are difficulties don't hesitate to ask me through comments or can just email it to me. later if there is a chance, I will answer questions from you guys. As I promised yesterday that today I will be sharing about how to test or how to connect to a network of SSH on debian linux. Still remind you guys on how to use SSH on Android and how to use SSH on Windows I've shared in the past? Perhaps you need to reread in order to SSH Server that you create in Linux Debian could certainly run successfully.
To test if SSH has been created it can be or not we can use direct commands via CMD or can be directly tested through another PC. If you want directly in the test connections through the debian way is:
1. Login to a Linux Debian you as user root/Super User. With how to enter the username and password root Linux debian.
2. Then open the Terminal/Command Prompt in a State of super user so we can use the commands in the form of text directly.
3. After that, and then type the command: #ssh root @ localhost – p commands that can be used for ssh port is still the default state i.e. port 21. But if you have changed the SSH port, just type the command: #ssh root @ localhost – p (port ssh you). example: #ssh root @ localhost – p. 443 and then press enter.
4. If it emerges that the RSA key exchange algorithm in order to SSH Server on linux debian runs smoothly and is ready to use. Example:
RSA key fingerprint is
47:41: dd: 8a: 71:02:83:55: ff: e4: db: fa: 9 d: e8:05:54.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
If you've managed to do the configuration on the server, which means that you only need to run SSH on the client in order to connect to the SSH Server. How ssh can connect fine, some days ago I've shared about how ssh can be connected in android and how clients connect to the SSH Server on Windows. It all requires additional applications such as Putty on windows and Connect the bots on Android. Please can try yourself at home. Good luck friend. Thank you very much.

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