How to Install SSH Server in Debian

Friday, July 07, 2017

How to Installing Server SSH in Debian Linux

As I've explained SSH is client server-based installation package. The use of ssh on the client side can use software Bitvise SSH client software or Putty for windows platform. Whereas on android applications normally use SSH Tunnel or also connect Bot that can be had from google's play. SSH is basically owned by Unix platforms (Linux) so that if all the configuration is done manually using the command in the form code. As long as we can connect SSH, SSH configuration we can do anywhere we are important connected in one network.
How to Install SSH Server in Debian
How to Install SSH Server in Debian
After the previous post on how to connect to the SSH chain on the client side, but this article will discuss how to SSH package configuration on Server Debian Linux. Debian Linux I think linux is the most convenient in terms of configuration on the server. Easy memorized his order code and also rarely crash error or crash. The SSH package on debian servers typically reside on the DVD 2 therefore, prepare your first DVD 1 & 2 application package that contains the debian SSH server. Here's how to configure SSH on Debian Server Package:
1. open Command Prompt or go to Debian in text mode/CLI (Command Line Interface)
2. Install the SSH Application Server by way of typing the command:
#apt-get install ssh – y
If the SSH package on 1 DVD is not available, insert a DVD course 2 and type the command #apt-add cdrom to read DVD package which has just been entered.
Wait for the installation process to complete SSH.
3. after the installation process is successful, the subsequent SSH packages do configuration on the SSH server that is on a file, that file contains the sshd_config most main configuration in the ssh server on linux debian. On the file that contains the default configuration of ssh in General, we can change it according to our needs or can also change ssh banner to make it look attractive. As an example we will change the open port ssh way is:
Then change the port be 22/8080 for example. After that then saved the configuration file.
4. Don't forget after you have finished configuring the ssh server, restart the SSH service so that the configuration can be run well. Here's how:
#/etc/init.d/ssh restart
So step to configure the SSH package on debian Linux. While the tests can be done on other computers that are still connected in one network. Testing on client software can use putty or bitvise SSH client on windows to login to the SSH chain meremote. If you don't know how to test the SSH, just wait on my next article. Thank you.

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