How to Install SSH on Linux Debian VPS

Monday, July 10, 2017

Step by Step to Installing SSH on Linux Debian VPS

Hello, welcome to come back and met with me on the website that contains information science and the tutorial does not forget about SSH. How do you manage to install SSH Server from Debian Server? I think a tutorial that I share very clearly, and I make sure you have successfully made your own SSH Server. But don't be happy first, tutorials I've share yesterday just a simulation of reality, you have to have a Hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS) to make your own SSH Server. A VPS is like a land that can be used for the manufacture of a wide range of server platforms linux, there is also the VPS service that uses the Windows platform. On a VPS you can make your own SSH Server with quality in accordance with the specifications of the VPS that you got.
How to install SSH Server on Debian VPS
How to install SSH Server on Debian VPS
If you already have a VPS, then you can install and configure SSH Server for free. Here is a tutorial how to install SSH Server on a VPS (Virtual Private servers) Linux debian:
1. You need to log into Debian VPS advance, up pops a text interface (CLI) so that it is ready to do the configuration.
2. on the VPS, existing application packages on debian has provided online, so if we want to install a package the application, we only need to update and upgrade our VPS Debian. How to Update to Debian, type the command: #apt-get install updates, then upgrade to debian by: #apt-get install Debian VPS upgrades, which have been updated.
3. After the Server Debian us in updates and upgrades, we install (install) the application "nano" nano is an application that can be used to open the configuration file. Without nano, we can not open a file in debian VPS. How to install nano is: #apt-get install nano
4. When upgrading to debian, it automatically installed the SSH package in it, then, we just have to do the configuration against SSH so that can be accessed by the client. How about the same configuration with the configuration on debian:
The configuration that needs to be added or need to be changed like 22 or 443 143 109 80 it all depends on desire.
then save all configuration files by pressing the keys CTRL + X then press Y and then press Enter.
5. then Restart the SSH has been configured. In this way, the orders: #service ssh restart
6. After that, then check the port that's been added earlier with the command: #netstat – nlpt | grep ssh
7. If the SSH ports already appear, it means the SSH Server configuration on Debian VPS has been successfully
Maybe it's just the basic configuration in the manufacture of SSH server on a debian VPS, advanced configuration for later I will write in the next tutorial. Such tutorials for today, if there are things unclear, you can comment on the column below. may be useful and good luck. Thank you.

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