Add Remove and Lock User on Debian Server

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tutorial How to Add Remove or Lock user on Debian Server

Today is a beautiful day, that is rather on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Begin the activity by playing computer, then learn bit by bit computer science that exists therein. Whether it's boring? Hopefully not, I mean in this life we must keep learning until we are no longer able to breathe. The science that we have gained and then could be useful for us all so add insight for the whole human race. A bit of a repeat of yesterday's lesson. do you guys all have finished in doing How to install SSH on Linux Debian (VPS)? yesterday was the basic configuration to do in installing SSH on Linux Debian VPS, while additional configuration only needs to be done as needed, such as adding new users, change user, change the passowrd banner SSH and more.
Add Remove and Lock User on Debian Server
Add Remove and Lock User on Debian Server
To perform additional configuration on linux debian (VPS) as usual we need only open the sshd_config configuration file, because the file is the main file in a setting of SSH on debian. Below are the additional configuration that is generally done in the construction of the SSH Server on the Virtual Private Server Linux Debian. :
1. adding a new user on a Debian Server
Basically the new user is not only used for login to the SSH network, but could also to log on all servers debian, such as mail servers, web servers, multimedia server and so on. To add new users, there are two commands, namely using the useradd command and command adduser. differences from the useradd and adduser is if only as useradd to add username and password just while the adduser selainmenambahkan new users and passwords also adds additional information from users of the fuller so that new additional data from that user.
Example usage: #adduser (new username)
#adduser Daniel (press enter)
#useradd Samuel (tenter press)
2. Delete the new user on Debian
If we want to delete one of your new users for example because it is no longer useful or are obsolete. Delete new users can be done by means of the command #userdel (user name). example:
#userdel samuel (press enter)
3. Lock the user on Debian VPS
Unlike the delete user, locking it as limiting the right of access of users but the data of the user will not be erased. It can be used as a warning when there are users who violate the rules in the use of SSH account. Locking done by new users: #Passwd – l user name, for example:
#passwd – l Daniel
Don't forget when you finish Setup, checking a list of new users have been made by entering the command: #cat /etc/passwd | grep home
If successful it will pop up a list of the name of the new user has been created.
So how do the configuration from Add users, delete users until it is locked in debian. For next steps like making banners on SSH I will post in the next article. Good luck.

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