How to Use SSH on PC / WIndows

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How to Use SSH on PC / WIndows

SSH network protocol that has a high level of security now can be enjoyed or used on all platforms like android (linux and Windows). On linux, like debian linux, Open Suse Linux, Ubuntu Linux and other linux has been available the named package open SSH to use SSH to use Linux. While on android, as I have attach yesterday, the android platform can use SSH to Connect using the BOT. For that, for the uninitiated, please all of you read the how to use SSH on android.
How to Use SSH on PC / WIndows
How to Use SSH on PC / WIndows

In the afternoon I am admin of web ssh will share a tutorial how to use SSH on Windows. Using SSH or just network log onto network SSH on windows 7/windows 8/10 windows you can use Putty. Putty software is one of the software used to monitor even control another computer remotely using SSH networks are encrypted and confidential. So, putty can be used as a remote login software securely and can be accessed remotely. In contrast with telnet. Telnet is also a protocol that can be used for remote login, only the data that is transmitted is still intact and not secured/encrypted first. So, when the process of handover of data, there is still the possibility that data could be known by third persons who are not responsible. Therefore, the remote login securely is using the SSH chain.
Here's how to use SSH on windows:
1. You can obtain the Software free of charge on the Putty official website at:
2. After that, install the putty software at windowsmu. Do the installation as usual by following the instructions.
3. once properly installed, the next you open dikomputer software Putty.
4. then enter IP/Hostname i.e. the destination server IP, Port as open ports that are open usually 22/443/80. Then the username and password. Name and password you enter appropriate data has been registered.
5. once all forms are filled, then click Login.
6. If the login is successful then the SSH key exchange will occur and the Remote login using SSH is ready for use.
Outline is very efficient for remote login using SSH because its confidential and also secure, moreover also can be accessed through ssh windows and android platforms. And the above step is how to use SSH on windows Software with Putty. May be useful and can be used as maestinya. If you are less familiar please you can contact me. Thank you very much.

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