How to Use SSH on Android

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Using SSH Tunnel on Android Smartphone
How to Use SSH on Android
How to Use SSH on Android

Good morning, welcome to visit back in on the writings of this time I will share the latest tips about ssh in android. We all already know that ssh functionality is not much at all especially in terms of security and connection speed when using SSH? But how do I use or connect ssh in android? For that is what this post will discuss how to use ssh on android using connect bot.
Connect bot is an application that is used to connect to an ssh tunnel so that the network connection can be secure and fast connection and are directed to all applications. So the entire application can be terprivasi to the ssh. Before you have to download the application connect within google bot play. 2, the application that can be used on android version of jelly bean, kitkat, marshmellow and more.
Not only that, you also need to have an ssh account active. If you don't have please you can make your own or can find it on the site because the website that you can get an ssh account free of charge and is updated daily.
Okay here's the step step SSH connection using the connect BOT on android:
1. Make sure that the ponselmu has been installed the application connect proxy bots and droids or similar auto proxy. Then open the application connect his.
2. then fill out the Form TEMPLATES that are available. Like Host/IP SSH, SSH, SSH Port Password, SSH Username. Then, if necessary, connect also with proxy you use
3. If connected successfully then the log will appear in the status bar. Then setting the port forward-> enter add port: 1998 and select the type of Dynamic Sock5 Proxy types.
4. The last settings in proxy droid with host is the same as setting in port worwarding connct bot. After that, and then click Connect.
If all the settings are correct, it means you already can internetan safely and smoothly and quickly in android using SSH with Network Connect BOT. Using ssh also can we open the site blocked sites. Good luck. Thank you

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