About Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

About Virtual Private Network (VPN)

About Virtual Private Network (VPN)
About Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network is a virtual network or a private network can be connected to a computer network through the Internet network. The bottom line is a private network VPN is on the public network and is connected with the method of tunnel (Tunneling) so that data remains secure. A VPN provides a highly secure Internet connection and comfortable as well as protect you from various threats of data theft carried out by people who are not responsible. Not only that, the cost of which is not too expensive VPN course is relatively popular among the people whether it's for business or personal interests.

The Funtions Of VPN

The Funtions Of VPN

The Funtions Of VPN

Lots of functions that could be channeled to use VPN, but the most important function of the VPN are:

1. Confidentiality (Confidentially).

VPN is a technology which uses the internet network or a public network that is prone to theft of information or data. Then VPN wear encryption method to randomize the data passes. By using the enskripsi method, it will be quite assured of ata security of data theft, because it uses data encryption could not be read by others. Although there are parties who could intercept the data passing over the internet network as well as the line from its own VPN, but not necessarily the tap can read such data because it is already in the form of hidden. This function is a function of the VPN that aims so that the data is only read by the party entitled to the authorities only. So we don't have to worry about wearing a VPN that uses a public network, because it is already guaranteed in strict confidence.

2. The integrity of the data (Data Integrity).

The second function VPN adalalah data integrity. The integrity of this data is the VPN is responsible for the condition of the data, the data is transmitted through a vpn will be sent to the recipient with respect to the absence of damage or other disorders. Because the VPN technology that can keep the integrity of the information or the data starting from the data being sent right to the data to where it's at tujunya. So, when using VPN, we don't have to think about the disorder such as data are missing, damaged, or manipulated by parties who are not responsible.

3. Authenticate the source (Origin Authentication).

VPN has the ability to perform authentication credentials against the source from sending data that will be terimanya. Before using a VPN, you generally need to enter its name and keywords in order to be able to enter through a VPN network. A VPN can do the examination to the incoming data and access the information from the source, then the address of the source data will be approved if the process is successful, the authentication credentials with a VPN can guarantee all data in send and also received comes from a source that does really should be. Of course it is useful to avoid the use of people who are not responsible.
To use VPN, the trick quite easily, in the windows operating system you can use Open VPN Client or can also use Scure Point SSL VPN. Whereas on android just use Open VPN Connect applications which can be downloaded for free at Play Store.

Such a description of what is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). for the recommendations you guys can grab a VPN for free on the site http://vpngate.net/en/ because there are various kinds of VPN Providers from sharing State in the world.

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