What is SSH? About SSH

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

What is SSH? About SSH

Hello world , do you know what it is SSH ? Tell me explain Secure Shell or SSH is a  network protocol
that uses cryptographic techniques to perform a communication data link on network devices to be
more secure . In concept the use of SSH is to be supported by the server or device / client computers 
to exchange data . Both also must have an SSH server on the computer server and SSH client to the
computer recipient's ( the client ) . The many problems of network security has become a serious thing
to deal with, especially for the network that connect the data exchange is crucial . 
As an example banking , government and private institutions that require data protection 
to consumers and businesses , even the best antivirus was not able to provide perfect protection .
How does SSH Work
How Does SSH work
 SSH runs with two bases, one as a server, and one as a client. SSH use public cryptography to authenticate the user. SSH will create a public-private key pairs used for authentication and encryption, a key pair that will be used to user authentication. After that the user can enter a password
to enter. Other way is SSH will use the key pair to be in pairs manually. In this way takes a long time, and SSH will do the checking whether the user with the public key which has given the corresponding private key. But the password already no longer needed, with this should be more careful in authentication public key unknown. SSH is typically used to log in remotely to the server
do ekseksui commands remotely. But SSH also supports tunneling, TCP port forwarding, file transfer, copying files. SSH using a client-server model.

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